CRAVING, a Variety Show

Left of Left Center’s first variety show, CRAVING, will satisfy with a rotating lineup of short plays and sketches, musical guests, dance, and comedy. It’s a look into the world of deeply inappropriate vampires, Lenny the Sleaze, and sexual politics after death.

Performances from November 24-30 at Brink Lounge, Nomad World Pub, Art In Gallery, and Arts + Literature Laboratory. Reserve seats now.

Featuring musical guests including Lisa B, Britton Rea, and Honey and Brimstone.
Stand-up comedy by Heidi Zepeda.
Short plays and sketches written by Ned O’Reilly and Ben Seidensticker.
Performances by Britton Rea, Noah Koebe, Lennox Forrester, Russell Wolff, Maxine Fleckner-Ducey, Jason Compton, Cassie Kohrs, Annie Jay, Laura Kochanowski, and Claire Kannapell.