A Left Of Left Center Update

It’s been a little while, but here’s a Left of Left Center update.

Left of Left Center founder Ned O’Reilly has been writing up a storm this summer and will be hosting a table read of many of his new shorts, written with an upcoming produc tion of Beta Blockers: The Refill in mind. If you’re invited to the read, feel special, but if you’re not – know that the creative forces that brought you cardiac arrythmia in an airport and Firefly obsession in a coffee shop will be taking big steps towards presenting new hilarity and insight into contemporary life. New titles include Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (not the Frank Zappa song), and Not Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop, which is not only not the Landon Pigg song from a few years back, but also doesn’t actually take place in a coffee shop.

Hope you got to see a bunch of LOLC folks performing Shakespeare scenes in An Evening’s Affair, produced by Madison Shakespeare Company. The brainchild of Jason Compton and Michael Fleischman, the show was a terrific blend of power, mischief, and ardor. LOLC was happy to lend bandwidth to help promote the show, which featured Ian Hathway, Laura Kochanowski, and Benjamin Barlow, as well as Michael and Jason, all members of the Spirits To Enforce cast earlier this summer. The show also featured Greg Hudson from LOLC’s Beta Blockers and a couple of other actresses we hope will be part of of future endeavors, Deanna Martinez, and Elliott Puckette. It was peformed barnstorming style at five different locations over five days and included an assist from our friend Francisco Torres, who directed for Beta Blockers.

LOLC webmaster and photographer Benjamin Barlow has entered the upcoming 48-Hour Film Fest with creative partner Kelsey Bonney. The event will include putting together a short film in a very short time, not unlike the Are We Delicious series, only it’s a movie. Ned O’Reilly will provide the script, the music will be handled by Britton Rea, who performed in both Spirits and Beta Blockers, and the aforementioned Michael Fleischman is part of the acting ensemble. Look for a film from Team ACME after the weekend of August 21-23.