Left of Left Center is a Madison, Wisconsin Theatre Group with a strong emphasis on original works and some-frills productions.

Production history:

Beta Blockers/Reverse Gossip by Ned O’Reilly and Barrie Cole, October-November 2019
Dog Collar by Ned O’Reilly, April 2019
GOOD WORk. by Ned O’Reilly, May 2018
Craving, a Variety Show
, November 2017
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs
by Mike Daisey, August-September 2017
Anger Dance by Ned O’Reilly, April 2017
Beta Blockers: Generations by Ned O’Reilly, December 2016
The Old Apartment by Ned O’Reilly, May 2016
Beta Blockers: The Refill by Ned O’Reilly, October-November 2015
Spirits to Enforce by Mickle Maher, June 2015
Beta Blockers by Ned O’Reilly, February 2015

Ned O’Reilly (Playwright, Producer) has been active in the Madison theatre community for four years after enjoying acting and directing in Portage for the previous four. Born and raised in Crystal Lake, Illinois, he performed in many productions around that area before relocating to Wisconsin. He’s been writing off and on for many years and in many formats (short stories, songs, plays, a novel) before a recent surge of playwriting that has included Flamingo Beach Follies, produced by Primus Theatre in Chicago, Identity Cruxes through Broom Street Theatre and at Chicago’s Rhinoceros Festival, and Widescreen, staged at the Bartell Theatre and produced by Mercury Players. His list of complete, as yet unproduced work gets longer all the time.

Ned comes from a large performing family, having sung with them on a number of concert occasions, and acted with various siblings and next generation dwellers. He has directed and peformed alongside each of his four young adult children and has sung in a rock band with his brother and sister. His directing has ranged from full-fledged musicals to concerts to dramas and comedies, shorts, and church and concert pieces.