Isthmus Reviews Dog Collar

Isthmus writer Victoria Davis reviews Dog Collar, highlighting “spot-on performances” and “diabolical ringmasters” just in time for our return to the Brink Lounge stage on Thursday and Friday at 7:30 PM. Dog Collar gives audiences a chance to laugh in the face of their pain. Read the review, “Deranged, Disturbed, and Dead-On.” Reserve seats for the […]

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Dog Collar in Madison Magazine

Aaron Conklin of Madison Magazine takes a backstage tour of Dog Collar by talking about off-the-wall real-world job interviews with cast and crew: Luckily, she had the foresight to call ahead and let her potential employers know she was running late. She finally arrived, an hour late, disheveled and reeking of gasoline … to a […]

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Auditions for DOG COLLAR

Actors wanted for a cathartic exploration of an absurd job market. Left of Left Center announces auditions for the world premiere of Dog Collar, a contemporary satire about job interviews by Ned O’Reilly. Performance dates are April 4, 5, 11, 12 at The Brink Lounge. Auditions will be at Lakeview Moravian Church, 3565 Tulane Ave. […]

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GOOD WORk., a play about men and the women they work with

Writer/director Ned O’Reilly announces the cast of GOOD WORk., a new play about men and the women they work with. Owen: Patrick Roetzel Kelly: Annie Jay Ian: Niall Spooner-Harvey Trudy: Vanessa Vesperman Ollie: Ben Billand Chloe/Leah: Melissa Minkoff Rebecca/Arielle: Maggie Roemer Anna/Currie: Cassie Kohrs Caitlyn/Chrissy: Kerida O’Reilly Marie: Kathy Stamas Janet/Macia: Betsy Wood Andy: Jason Summerlott Opens […]

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CRAVING, a Variety Show

Left of Left Center’s first variety show, CRAVING, will satisfy with a rotating lineup of short plays and sketches, musical guests, dance, and comedy. It’s a look into the world of deeply inappropriate vampires, Lenny the Sleaze, and sexual politics after death. Performances from November 24-30 at Brink Lounge, Nomad World Pub, Art In Gallery, […]

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Friday Reading List!

Some intriguing stuff is being written in Madison about The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, including: A Play For Wisconn Valley, by Tone Madison’s Chali Pittman As Wisconsin eyes Foxconn, an actor revives Mike Daisey’s controversial tale, by The Capital Times’ Lindsay Christians Three performances remain: Friday at 7:30 PM Saturday at 3:00 […]

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Anger Dance: Tough Choices

Anger Dance is about people deciding what parts of themselves they should keep, and what they should share–and with whom, and when. If that sounds complicated, well, that’s because life is complicated. See the dance in motion this April by reserving now. “When you wake up, I won’t be here.” Everybody knows Evan (Jordan Humpal) […]

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Beta Blockers: Generation Cast Announced!

Reservations are available now for Beta Blockers: Generations, the third installment in writer/director Ned O’Reilly’s series of comedic short plays. Performances are scheduled all over the greater Madison metroplex from December 1st through December 10th. Ned’s cast is already assembling to entertain, enlighten, and delight, and consists of the following bright souls: Sarah Whelan Jason Compton […]

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What a run!

What a run! The Old Apartment has packed up and moved out, but we’re left with some fantastic memories. Our thanks to the many who attended our six performances, and to collaborators old and new who made this show such a success. Left of Left Center will return with more doses of goodness. Have an […]

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Week 2 of The Old Apartment! Radio interview and special Tuesday night show!

Week 2 of The Old Apartment begins with our special Industry Night! Tuesday performances aren’t the usual, but they’re terrific options if you are yourself a theater participant, or work in service industries with heavy weekend workloads. Take in a performance with us tonight at 7:30 PM. Book your seat here. WORT-FM’s Jonathan Zarov hosted […]

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Two weeks to opening night!

The Old Apartment is just about ready for an audience. We’re just two weeks from opening and everything’s taking shape. The lighting design by Ron Collins is already hanging in the MercLab, awaiting the actors. Reserve now to join us May 13-22 for an unforgettable evening of dubious houseguests, unlawful trespass, and questionable security measures. […]

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A Left Of Left Center Update

It’s been a little while, but here’s a Left of Left Center update. Left of Left Center founder Ned O’Reilly has been writing up a storm this summer and will be hosting a table read of many of his new shorts, written with an upcoming produc tion of Beta Blockers: The Refill in mind.

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The attendance for our first two performances was phenomenal. Goodman yielded a sellout crowd with audience members willing to stand to watch the performance and the Firefly had only two chairs empty (with lots of full couches)!

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Dressed to Impress

The Pleaser is so very pleased, The Silhoutte is strong and steady, and The Untangler is nimbly defeating his knots. They’re ready for a show! A few more days of polishing the edges will produce a refined performance that will soothe the Calibans of the audience.

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Rehearsal Photos

The Fathom Town Enforcers are quite spirited as they seek to fund their production of The Tempest. With Encores and Hyacinth aside, it is apparent that they should have chosen Kickstarter… Here are this week’s rehearsal photos of the spirits in rare form.

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Beta Blockers in Tech Week

With less than a week before performances start, the entire cast of Beta Blockers start tech week. We learned that the order of the shorts are Hive Mind, Arrhythmia, Advantage, Cortisol Rush, Bechdel Test, and Catnip. It was also a great opportunity to snap some shots of everyone! 

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First Rehearsal – Read Thru

The read thru rehearsal will likely be the only time we will be as a group until tech rehearsals start in mid February. It was fantastic to see all the shorts read, to get a sense of the themes that Ned has intended for the Beta Blockers production as a whole. They really do comically examine […]

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