Spirits to Enforce – Homestretch

We’re within two weeks of our first performance and the pressure is mounting. Memory Lass is desperately trying to memorize her lines, Fragrance Fellow has a stress cold and can’t smell a thing, the Snow Heavy Branch just fell over again and the Tune suddenly can’t keep a beat. They will be ready, however!

The last week of rehearsals was tremendous as you can see from the photos below. Our poster is also up and if you haven’t done so yet, please reserve your seats!

Spirits-to-Enforce-Poster-EmailSpirits-To-Enforce2 Spirits-To-Enforce3 Spirits-To-Enforce4 Spirits-To-Enforce5 Spirits-To-Enforce6 Spirits-To-Enforce7 Spirits-To-Enforce8 Spirits-To-Enforce9 Spirits-To-Enforce10 Spirits-To-Enforce11 Spirits-To-Enforce12