Spirits To Enforce Cast

Left of Left Center wants to thank all who auditioned!

It was a fantastic few evenings of auditions and we are really excited to make the official announcement for Spirits to Enforce.

The cast for Spirits to Enforce is as follows.

Jason Compton – Emory / Ariel
Laura Kochanowski – Cecily / The Page
Annie Jay – Susan / Memory Lass
Britton Rea – Randell / The Tune
Sam O’Reilly РWayne / The Untangler
Michael Fleischman – Donna / The Silhouette
Bryan Metrish – Craig / The Pleaser
Laura Paulson – Rebecca / The Ocean
Ian Hathway – Oliver / Fragrance Fellow
Emmaline Friederichs – Dale / The Intoxicator
Katie Erdmann – Diana / The Bad Map
Ben Barlow – Brad / The Snow Heavy Branch