First Rehearsal – Read Thru

The read thru rehearsal will likely be the only time we will be as a group until tech rehearsals start in mid February. It was fantastic to see all the shorts read, to get a sense of the themes that Ned has intended for the Beta Blockers production as a whole. They really do comically examine the games we play, medications we take, and nonsense we endure in order to feel wanted.

Read Thru Rehearsal of Hive MindRead thru of Hive Mind with (left to right) Francisco Torres, Tanis Steed, Vanessa Vesperman, and Samuel O’Reilly.

Read Thru Rehearsal of AdvantageRead thru of Advantage with Ben Seidensticker, Britton Rea, and Emmaline Friederichs.

Read Thru Rehearsal AudienceJason Compton, Katie Erdmann, and Greg Hudson.

Read Thru Rehearsal AudienceVanessa Vespermann and Sara Beth Hahner.

Read Thru Rehearsal AudienceKathleen Tissot.

Read Thru Rehearsal of ArrhythmiaRead thru of Arrhythmia with Greg Hudson and Erin Ronayne.

Read Thru Rehearsal of Cortisol RushRead thru of Cortisol Rush with Jason Compton and Kathleen Tissot.

Read Thru Rehearsal of Bechdel TestRead thru of Bechdel Test with Katie Erdmann stepping in for Patricia Padurean and Erin Ronayne.

Read Thru Rehearsal of CatnipRead Thru of Catnip with Betsy Wood, Benjamin Barlow, and Emmaline Friederichs.