Beta Blockers Cast List

There was a surprising amount of talent that auditioned and we thank all those that made it!

We are very pleased to be casting these individuals in the production Beta Blockers that will be performing in Madison and at Chicago’s 26th Annual Rhinofest.

Director – Francisco Torres
Neal/Sixto – Ben Seidensticker
Sixto/Neal – Britton Rea
Ariana – Emmaline Friederichs

Director – Benjamin Barlow
Rona – Erin Ronayne
Lyle – Greg Hudson

Bechdel Test
Director – Jason Compton
Lainie – Erin Ronayne
Mia – Patricia Padurean

Director – Sara Beth Hahner
Rebecca – Emmaline Friederichs
Ian – Benjamin Barlow
Trudy – Betsy Wood

Cortisol Rush
Director – Bri Baltes
Jana – Kathleen Tissot
Kel – Jason Compton