Beta Blockers in Tech Week

With less than a week before performances start, the entire cast of Beta Blockers start tech week. We learned that the order of the shorts are Hive Mind, Arrhythmia, Advantage, Cortisol Rush, Bechdel Test, and Catnip. It was also a great opportunity to snap some shots of everyone! 

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First Rehearsal – Read Thru

The read thru rehearsal will likely be the only time we will be as a group until tech rehearsals start in mid February. It was fantastic to see all the shorts read, to get a sense of the themes that Ned has intended for the Beta Blockers production as a whole. They really do comically examine […]

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Beta Blockers Cast List

There was a surprising amount of talent that auditioned and we thank all those that made it! We are very pleased to be casting these individuals in the production Beta Blockers that will be performing in Madison and at Chicago’s 26th Annual Rhinofest.

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Announcing auditions for BETA BLOCKERS, an evening of five new short plays written by Madison’s Ned O’Reilly, author of the recent Mercury Players Theatre production WIDESCREEN.

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